Required Biological and Environmental Conditions

The objective of artificial seagrass is the development of suitable conditions for the restoration and growth of natural seagrass. This work package aims to determine the hydrodynamic and ecological characteristics that favour and support the growth of Zostera marina as well as their natural variation.

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Dimensions for Artificial Seagrass

Observation of the environmental conditions on Work Package 3 provides a starting point towards the development of the Artificial Seagrass. Existing seagrass meadows in the area of interest are important sources of information regarding the environmental conditions needed for the seagrasses to grow and survive.

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ASG Performance

In the first year, hydrodynamic as well as morphodynamic measurements will be conducted using a commercially available artificial seagrass which will be installed in the Large Wave Flume. At the end of the project phase all data from the project partners will be compiled to produce an artificial seagrass prototype.

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WP1/2: Project coordination and communication

Work Package 1 and 2 do not contain scientific research, but they still are essential for the success of the project.

Work Package 1

Work Package 1 – Coordination summarises all organisational issues that apply to the entire project. This includes the administration of the budget and the documentation of the project progress for the funding body as well as the organisation of the regular project meetings. These meetings promote the continuous exchange between the partners, which is particularly important at the interfaces of the different disciplines.

Workpackages. Picture: TU Braunschweig

Work Package 2

Work Package 2 covers the public relations and the distribution of research results. All project members adopt this function within the scientific community giving talks at conferences and publishing in scientific journals. In addition, in this Work Package we inform the public about our project – for instance via this website. Moreover, we would like to discuss our first results with stakeholders from the coast and nature protection during special events to make sure that our work offers a maximum additional value and practical implications.


Institut für Geoökologie
Technische Universität Braunschweig

WP1: Maike Paul, PhD,, Phone: +49 531 391-5949
WP2: Britta Ashi,, Phone: +49 531 391-5610

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