Required Biological and Environmental Conditions

The objective of artificial seagrass is the development of suitable conditions for the restoration and growth of natural seagrass. This work package aims to determine the hydrodynamic and ecological characteristics that favour and support the growth of Zostera marina as well as their natural variation.

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Dimensions for Artificial Seagrass

Observation of the environmental conditions on Work Package 3 provides a starting point towards the development of the Artificial Seagrass. Existing seagrass meadows in the area of interest are important sources of information regarding the environmental conditions needed for the seagrasses to grow and survive.

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ASG Performance

In the first year, hydrodynamic as well as morphodynamic measurements will be conducted using a commercially available artificial seagrass which will be installed in the Large Wave Flume. At the end of the project phase all data from the project partners will be compiled to produce an artificial seagrass prototype.

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The project is split into different workpackages (WP). Each workpackage is led by one of the partners, but in all of them team members from several disciplines work closely together.

Workpackages 1&2 relate to rather overall tasks like project coordination and public relations. The other workpackages deal with research questions: workpackage 3-6 contribute to the development of artifical seagrass and workpackage 7 includes the final test of the ASG under extreme laboratory conditions.

WP1/2: Project coordination and communication

WP3: Required Biological and Environmental Conditions

WP4: Dimensions for Artificial Seagrass

WP5: Suitable Materials and Production Methods

WP6: Use of Seagrass Biomass

WP7: ASG Performance

Project partners

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